At Between Friends Publishing, authors can trust that their stories are respected and valued.

Between Friends Publishing is a trusted and ethical publishing company that provides independent authors with an affordable and empowering alternative to vanity press publishing. With a steadfast commitment to author rights, we help authors maintain ownership of their works and increase their profit margins. Our mission is to support independent authors on their publishing journey while ensuring transparency, fairness, and creative control.

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We offer a wide range of publishing and design services to help you reach your goals. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to ensure your project is done right.


Prepare your manuscript for publication through our various editing services.

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Format your edited manuscript in preparation for print.

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From book covers, to social media graphics, to apparel—we have you covered.

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Establish your online presence through our web design services.

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20 May

Cover to Cover: Between Friends Publishing Podcast

Welcome to “Cover to Cover,” the podcast where we dive deep into the world of independent publishing and empower authors to take control of their creative journey. Join your hosts Jaimie and Victoria, two best friends and the proud owners of Between Friends Publishing, a trusted and ethical publishing service company. At Between Friends Publishing, […]

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19 May

Publisher Content Policies

For the purposes of these Content Policies, the terms “Book” and “Books” apply to ebook, audiobook, and print content. Content Policies Our content policies play an important role in ensuring a positive experience for both our communities and publishing clients. Please join us in this effort by respecting our guidelines. We may make exceptions to […]

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19 May

The Pitfalls of Vanity Press Publishing: Why Between Friends Publishing Offers a Better Alternative

Publishing a book is a dream come true for many independent authors. It’s a creative endeavor that requires dedication, talent, and a genuine passion for storytelling. However, the path to getting your book published can be a complex and daunting one, especially with the presence of vanity press publishing companies. While these companies may promise […]

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