Dirty Laundry


The great town of Rhinestone boasts the best breakfast on this side of the Mississippi. Just ask anyone who’s ever eaten at the Starlight Cafe. But life for the owner of the cafe, Mona Bridges, hasn’t always been easy. Times are tough and they’re about to get even tougher when a mysterious stranger rolls into town. Mavis Montgomery moved back to Rhinestone, the town she grew up in, a few years back. She’s been enjoying a lucrative enterprise while minding her own business in town until the past comes back to haunt her. Opal Tyler and Maude Haywood are a little off their rockers, but that doesn’t stop them from always showing up and showing out at the wrong time. Mavis is up to her ears in drama, all the while trying to keep track of her beloved dead grandmother’s two best friends. Join Mona, Mavis, and the rest of the Rhinestone gang as they navigate their way through a town scandal and mystery in this southern comedy.


Wanda Jennings


The Magnolia Manor Series

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