Hold Your Horses


“The inner eye sees in many directions!”

Opal’s going to host a booth at the annual county fair and dazzle the crowd with her fortune-telling skills. Her best friend, Maude Cooper, thinks it’s a terrible idea, but she’s along for the ride nonetheless! All the money raised will be donated to charity, but it’s going to take a village to make it all work.

Wilbur and Mavis are all about helping Opal at the fair, but someone from Mavis’ past returns to throw a wrench in her plans. While Mavis tries to figure out Earl’s nefarious plans, Maude must come to terms with the sickness of her lifelong frenemy, Nadine Waters.

Will Opal raise enough money for charity, or will Earl once again ruin everything? Will Maude be able to save the day? And why in the world is Mavis bidding on farm animals?


Wanda Jennings


The Magnolia Manor Series

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